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Redevelop or be Doomed

By Gajanan Khergamker

It is but inevitable! For the city to progress, it has to embrace redevelopment in a comprehensive way. It’s only change that’s constant in a city’s growth.

According to the New Bye-laws of Cooperative Housing Societies, a structural audit is to be conducted by architects on the panel of the municipal corporation for societies situated in municipal limits. In other cases, structural audit have to be carried out by government-approved architects. For buildings between 15 years and 30 years of age, a structural audit has to be done once in five years whereas for buildings above 30 years old, a structural audit has to be done once in three years.

With most of the residential structures in the Western suburb being old and needing regular audits and repairs at fixed intervals, it makes best sense to opt for redevelopment and procure a new structure that won’t need major repairs for a long time to come.

Also, older buildings were designed with archaic construction norms and hence unable to tackle new climatic situations in contrast to new buildings which are constructed on the basis of state-of-the-art models capable of withstands harsh geographic conditions.

In contrast to old buildings where members have to pool in funds to undertake major repairs off and on, members opting for redevelopment, not just get benefits in terms of money but also get additional area for their existing homes at no extra cost.

Where structural stability is concerned, the steel inside concrete beams and columns start corroding after 15-20 years. The corroded steel simply cannot be treated in repairs and needs to be replaced. In case of redevelopment, as the buildings are new, such issues just do not arise.

In the case of redevelopment, society members not just get a brand new building; they also get monetary benefits and top-up areas to their flats that would otherwise have cost a fortune.

The advantages accrued include brand new flats that are free of cost thus indirectly fetching an earning for members. Popular fears of being left homeless during the period are tackled by the inherent provision of alternative accommodation during the course of construction after the demolition of the buildings.

Needless to say, the new structures will all be earthquake resistant and designed to take care of additional wind load too. In order to provide the green patch so essential to homes today, a lot of redeveloped structures opt for landscaping in order to meet requirement of a myriad range of residents. The landscaping may include a children park, jogging tracks and silent zones for the elderly. The effort will be to improve the living standards of members.

In keeping with neoteric demands, a club, a sports room, swimming pool and other recreational facility could be provided to the residents in the redeveloped project. To meet the new changes in demands, the brand new structures will be tailor-made to suit the modern living. New buildings will be created with state-of-the-art looks that indirectly boost the realty prospects.

As opposed to crammed entrances littered with illicit shops and thelas that may have accumulated over the years, new redeveloped structures will be constructed with beautiful lush entrances.

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