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Land Laws is a DraftCraft initiative aimed at reaching out the law governing Properties and Land across India - with a sharp focus on:
Redevelopment, RERA, SRA, TDP, Transfer of Property Act and Maharashtra Rent Control Act

Living in swiftly growing cities like Mumbai and other metropolitan cities in India particularly in ownership properties or rental premises and opting for Redevelopment fetches with it a host of legal issues - unique to homes and covered by state's laws on Redevelopment / Rules and Laws. In the absence of legal knowledge and strategic intervention, you risk losing your hard-earned money even your very homes to a legal imbroglio created by a builder or due to the mischief of greedy managing committee members.

It is important for you to know the law, your rights as a buyer and hidden liabilities before providing your consent for redevelopment or before purchasing any property. Like, a Nil Encumbrance Certificate that certifies a property you are purchasing is without encumbrance, is a must. Failing this, you could be saddled with a property that is under litigation thereby landing you with huge losses.

Through Land Laws, Solicitor and Housing Expert Gajanan Khergamker generates legal commentaries and legal expert columns that are published across online fora addressing queries posed by attendees of Chargeable Legal Talks. The Land Laws Column is published every fortnight across DraftCraft's portals and provide legal aid to similarly affected individuals.

You could attend a Legal Talk by Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker that could detail a niche area of concern to home buyers or those opting for redevelopment. Topics will include:
Conveyance, Builder-Owner Agreements, Deeds, Redevelopment Agreements, Bargaining Techniques and other key issues.


Solicitor and Housing Expert Gajanan Khergamker holds Legal Talks every Sunday at Colaba. The sessions held at DraftCraft – The Mumbai Studio, Colaba are personalised for small, niche groups to ensure involvement and attention. A topic under each category is discussed for a period of one month. So, for example, for a fortnight, the Legal Talks would deal with Repairs and Renovations and the next fortnight, the Legal Talks would deal with Nuisance and Encroachments.

- Charges start from Rs. 500/- per session. Payment in advance.
- No refund on Cancellation. Change of Date can be requested.
- DraftCraft reserves the Right to Admission.
- Venue: DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio in Colaba, Mumbai
- Call or WhatsApp on 8080441593
- For details visit   

* You could commission a private group session for a specific subject or issue. This could be held on any other day or venue.


Solicitor and Housing Expert Gajanan Khergamker provides legal service by way of drafting RTI applications, representing Cooperative Housing Societies, Tenants Association, Individual Residents and Developers before pertinent civic or police officials, representing affected groups and individuals at relevant fora; holding workshops and talks to help bridge differences or moving Court or seeking redress at an appropriate forum.

An official and/or legal opinion or a legal brief/petition may be sought, commissioned or initiated by contacting at 8080441593