In Focus


Land Laws offers a wide range of services for:
First Home-buyers
- Resale Home-buyers
- Resale Home-sellers
- Will and Codicil Applicants
- Probate Seekers
Landlords under the (Maharashtra) Rent Control Act
- Tenants under the (Maharashtra) Rent Control Act 
- Lessors and Lessees
- Insurance Sector
- Real Estate Agents/Associations
- TDR-affected persons/groups
- SRA applicants
- CRZ-affected persons/groups
Licensors / Licensees                                        
- Builders / Developers
- Tenants opting to form a Cooperative Housing Society
- Formation of A Cooperative Housing Society
- Societies opting for Redevelopment
- Defaulters
- Property Managers
- Lawyers representing the above

Deficiency of Services: Land Laws addresses a wide range of issues that qualify as 'Deficiency of Services' with regard to Billing Issues, Contentious Dues, Nuisance, Water, Security and Safety and Health Hazards in a rental, lease or leave-and-license premises.
Audits: Even issues that arise related to Audits conducted by departments such as FirePolice and Municipality and issues of Security and Repairs by civic authorities come directly under The Consumer Protection Act 2018 with the onus of providing service resting directly upon the landlord, lessor or licensor.

- Consultation, Legal Discussions, Advisories
- Representation in Court, Bargaining, Negotiations, Conciliation and Settlement
- Intervention for Consumer Forum (Advisory and/or Representation)
- Drafting Deeds and Documents, Issuance of Notices, Drafting Wills
- Contesting title in a landlord, lease or leave-and-license premises
- Advocacy
- Conducting Audits to Ensure Compliance, Property Investigation, Title Clearance, Nil Encumbrance Certification and others.

- Initiating a Media Campaign
- Generating Content i.e. Articles, Columns, White Papers, Reports, Fact-sheets, Research Papers
- Producing Short Films / Documentaries

- Conducting Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Sessions on various aspects of Property Laws, CRZ Rules, SRA and TDR rules, Consumer Protection Act 2018 affecting stakeholders.

To contact for any of the services listed above, send an email to or contact on 8080441593Please note all services provided are chargeable.