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DraftCraft's Media-Legal Services are offered to those covered/affected by:
- Rent Act (Landlord/Tenant relationship)
- Lease (Commercial laws)
- Civil laws of the city
- Encroachment and public space
- Road widening and the law
- CRZ regulations in the coastal areas
- Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) schemes
- Redevelopment (by land)
- All developers and builders
- City planners i.e. civic authorities
- City fathers i.e. the corporators

All problems regarding transportation, nuisance, safety and health hazards and the constant tussle in choosing between heritage and development are some of the issues where DraftCraft provides solutions.

Products and Services provided by DraftCraft:
Media: Initialise a Media Campaign, Generate Content i.e. Articles, Columns, White Papers, Reports, Research Papers, Short Films, Documentaries, Shows
Educational: Conduct Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Sessions on various aspects of Property or Land Laws
Legal: Provide Consultation, Intervention for Court, Draft Legal Notices, Conciliation and Settlement Services on Legal Grounds, Conduct Audits to Ensure Compliance, Advocacy, Investigation
Advisory: Generate Advisories, Draft RTI Applications, Collate and Analyse Precedents, Generate Informed Opinions

To contact DraftCraft for any of the services listed above, send an email to Please note all services provided by DraftCraft are chargeable.

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